I’m trying a timed post today, to see how things work… Here goes…

Today, my two brothers and two cousins got their A level results, they had been waiting for them for a couple of months, and they had all worked so hard. Facebook has been filled with proud parents, brothers and sisters (including me!) celebrating their successes and looking to their future. I don’t disagree with this, because I myself could not contain the excitement for my brothers I had when I found out their good news. Sometimes I look on my Facebook feed and instead of seeing a feed of important, real news, I see things that make me think ‘really?! This is a life defining moment’! Life in my opinion, is a sum of many parts. My husband and I watched One Born Every Minute last night. I’ve never watched anything like that with him before, and on some occasions he did grab my hand and wince. This was a programme filled with moments. The moment when the man suddenly realised he had just become a dad and was holding his baby for the first time, the moment when the midwife was crying because it was such a beautiful miracle, the moment when the husband was suddenly very worried that there was something wrong with his wife… I often look at Facebook and see photos of someone’s holiday, or a status about a trip to the zoo, or that someone’s washer has broken –  they are the moments that connect, like a giant dot to dot, making the picture.

Some people are off to university, some people are waiting to hear from clearing and others are looking to other non-academic ends. For me, I can barely sympathise with the waiting for A level/university places gig. I didn’t make it past the first year of college, and not out of a ‘I’m not clever enough’ drop out, but choosing to leave thanks to being offered a well paid (for a sixteen year old) job and wanting the money more than the qualifications.

I don’t regret my decision for the most part, I got first hand ‘real world’ experience that I could never have gained anywhere else but at work. I could never have independently afforded to have learnt to drive, or buy my first car without my wages, nor could I have afforded some of the holidays I went on. I regret my decision in the way that I grew up too fast, I was a grown up too soon and I wanted things that other people my age didn’t want. Living and working amongst thirty-something people shaped decisions I made. I don’t dislike my life, and I wouldn’t change my husband or my family for the world, but if you had told my 15 year old self the dreams of being a translator with a degree wouldn’t happen the way I planned, I would never had believed you.

I’m proud of my brothers and cousins, they have done so well for themselves and should be so proud of the people they have become. Even though they all did so well, they are more than what those pieces of paper say about them, they are more than the letters they were given, they are more than the universities they will attend, or the things in the future they will do. They are all fantastic.

I watch Made in Chelsea. Its one of my little secrets, that I don’t admit to freely in public (…except on my public blog, naturally) and I’ve just caught up with the first LA episode. I like the characters. I don’t know how real they are, or how true to their normal selves they are, but I especially like Mark Francis Vandelli. He is so particularly outrageous and flamboyant, but he makes me giggle. Sometimes I watch the programme and wonder about wasted wealth and money. For example, these people are the heirs and heiresses of huge companies and fortunes – they could use their money for so many things to benefit others in the world, but they choose to spend it on private jets, several purchases at the Gucci store, limos, parties, shoes etc. I’m not even sure if they ever do their own hair without the hairdresser, or put their own make up on. Sure, I wish it could be me, with a small portion of their fortune, and I’m not saying I would be completely altruistic if I had a sudden windfall(!) but I do sometimes feel saddened by the waste.

With that in mind, I’m off to have dreams about my brand new BMW X5.