June was meant to be a quiet month. My husband was scheduled to go away to France for ten days the day after his birthday and leave me alone to fend for myself. It is still true, he has gone to France and I am still home alone fending for myself. We spent weeks looking at new build houses earlier this year to find one that suited us and subsequently got nowhere fast. Things were either too small or too expensive or not ready to complete at the right time. So in the end we gave up and resigned ourselves to the fact something was clearly telling us that it was not the right time for us. So then I got this email from Redrow two weeks ago telling us about a development and I got no further than the website before I wrote it off. Out of interest though, I looked on Rightmove just to settle my curiosity, to see if I missed anything. Right at the top, there was an advertisement from a different developer, in a location we had never even thought of before (which turns out to be the best out of all of them) that was going to be ready at the right time. So we went down and fell in love. It sounds really stupid but we had never had that feeling from any other house before and everything felt just right. It won’t be built for a good few months, and we will be starting out with a pretty blank canvas when it’s ready, but it’s an exciting time.  

 So in a month where not much was meant to happen, quite a lot has happened!!