Come to you from Kendal library. A pretty and quiet place, that smells a little bit like eggy farts. It’s filled with lots of friendly people and extremely helpful staff, who all have the Cumbrian accent I’d grown to love (and miss). As my husband and I are spending the day up here, I get to see old work colleagues from my days working around Cumbria, but first he has revision to do and I have some casual killing of time to do. So, I got myself a library card (thank heavens they are still free – before the Tories get hold of them I suppose) and paid my 50p to use one of their computers.

The general election was, I suppose, in many people’s opinion (including my own) a bit of a shambles. There was a lot of hype about the Labour party coming back and, sadly, this was not to be. I feel it is unfortunate that Ed Miliband did not get his chance to put right all those things that desperately need to be put right, and I was annoyed by the comments of Michael Gove and Paddy Ashdown on the election commentary on Thursday night. I wonder if Ashdown has consumed a hat yet?

It is unfortunate also, that three leaders of the national party have also had to step down from their positions. Whether I agreed or not with their parties and policies is for the most part irrelevant – I am sure they all worked extremely hard for their cause and it must be an immense disappointment to them to have had this outcome AND to then have had to step down.

Ho hum. Life goes on.

In other news, my doggy who is immensely unsociable and grumpy had a walk today with another dog (completely unheard of in days gone by) and seemed to have enjoyed himself and the company of the other dog. Maybe he’s bagged himself a girlfriend? He’ll have to work on his barking and throw in a bit of charisma and charm before his second date of course. I miss his scruffy sewage chops and dark brown eyes.

I bought a mint plant in Aldi yesterday to put in my bottled water along with the lemon, but I forgot to take it out of the car and discovered it on parking up in Kendal. Now it is sitting in the boot waiting to go home. Maybe it is a cheaper and natural alternative to an air freshener?