Tomorrow is back to school day after the Inset today. I don’t have that ‘Sunday night feeling’ and I’m not especially worried or sad or mournful of the end my Christmas break, although I’ve loved being around my husband for two whole weeks more than I can say. Today has been a day for working, getting out my laptop and writing about ethics and inclusion in education while my husband has been doing his engineering drawings for his masters across the table. We worked in comfortable silence and it was really quite nice. Now I am at my parents house after finally finishing, and, as always, though I love my home I share with my husband, there is always a small soft spot in my life for cuddling with the dog listening to my dad play his banjo. Winding down ready for the new day back at school I still have to pack my bag and get my lunch ready but for now it’s time for the new series of Broadchurch in my pyjamas 🙂
Em x