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I must admit, I’ve been taking something of a sabbatical from my blog whilst I did other, seemingly important things, like to get married, go on holiday and start a new job. Whilst it has been nice not worrying about what I might write in that time, and wondering what kind of platform it is exactly that I’m writing to, and whether people read my blog and think I’m waffling on; I’ve really missed just writing my thoughts down in a way that is neat and organised and easy to follow.
Today my mum and I went in to tackle my old bedroom at my parents’ house. Being a girl who just loves to collect things, my old bedroom is a hive for all the things I am simply nostalgic for and can’t bear to throw away. However, my trove of pastime treasure (and trash) needed to be sorted through as my poor teenage brother has been long awaiting the move from the box bedroom into the big, spacious one. I found all kinds of things that I had, naturally, forgotten I owned. Handbags, shoes, papers, old school books, folders, sheet music, candles etc that over time I had been too soft to throw out/recycle. I think when working with my mum on it, she encourages me to be a bit more ruthless, and so there is an awful lot going to the recycling centre tomorrow morning.

Our wedding day was, however much of a cliché, the best day ever. Of course, the best part of all, was exchanging our vows and making cement what we have felt for six years, becoming husband and wife.


The last thing I want to write in this post is just how truly blessed I feel. Yes, it is no secret to anyone that I have ALWAYS been a ‘home-bird’ and so taking in all the changes has sometimes been a little hard to get my head around and I have often felt in some kind of purgatory between old and new, but the reason I am blessed is this simple reason – I have always, always known love. My parents brought me up telling me every day how much they loved me and how special I am to them. They have always given me the best of everything, and I would be nothing without them. I have also only known love with Dan, throughout everything we have gone through, some things big and others trivial, I know I am loved, and will be loved for as long as we live.
Mrs. G x