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I get so ridiculously angry at bridal magazines. Like, blood boiling, rage, spitting feathers, calm me down quick kind of angry. Firstly, I hate the notion that is passed along that your body in a wedding dress isn’t the one your husband wants to see. I’m sorry did I miss something???!!!? The whole point of you getting married is because he (or she) loves you, all of you. I resent ALL magazines that weekly tell you how to make yourself into a person you think other people want to see. I’m sorry, but under no circumstances will I be losing weight through pressures from people I don’t know (or those I do know) to become a bride my fiancé won’t recognise. I, believe it or not, am truly happy the way I am. I believe people should make the choices for themselves, not through pressure.

I recently went to a photo project type thing aimed at plus size women. At first, I admit, I wasn’t sure what really to expect, or what I would gain. I also admit, that at first, I was shocked at how openly people talked about being ‘fat’. Now, after a month or so has passed, I know how I feel about things, thanks to that day. That day, when my make up and my hair was done professionally, I felt fabulous. And there is no reason on earth why I, or others, don’t deserve to feel like that every day. I go to the gym regularly, but I enjoy food!!! I enjoy a good healthy salad, fresh fruit juice, fruit and steamed veg, but I also enjoy croissants with butter and jam, apple crumble and cheese on toast. I also like wine (other alcoholic beverages are also interchangeable in this context). Since being diagnosed as lactose intolerant, I have to try and avoid more foods, which has (kind of) made my choices healthier for me, but chocolate milk is just my downfall (I know, right!). 

This, I know, is quite an angry post compared to my usual sleepy lifestyle-y posts. I just needed to sound off after reading something which really riled me! I know for a lot of women over the size of about 14 you feel like you’ve reached a point of being socially unacceptable and whatever you read you feel like it’s time to crack out your meal replacement powder and get on the diet. That’s just so not true!! The first and most important thing I think anybody should feel is the capacity to be comfortable in your own skin. After all, it’s the only body you’ve got. When a bride should be made to feel like she will be anything less than beautiful on her wedding day by anybody then I guess it’s just a sad world we live in. Everyone is wonderfully different, and differences should be embraced not scorned.

I hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend and bank holiday, for those who have had the time off. Image

Speak soon,

E xx