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Hooray for the bank holiday!! Fortunately for me my break extends to Tuesday afternoon as I’m only needed in the classroom after 1, so I get two lie-ins!!

I remember recently that I was so gutted that one of my favourite bloggers has dropped off the radar a little bit and has stopped posting so much and then I was a bit cross with myself for being cross – because it’s been AGES since I wrote anything (sorry!!!!). 

So here goes for a Something I love for the bank holiday!!!

Something I read…..

I have been reading Billy and Me by Giovanna Fletcher (Mrs. Tom from McFly), and at first I was very sceptical – I often don’t hold out for much from celebrities turned authors – and although according to my kindle I’m 76% of the way through, I want to say the book has proved me wrong, but it hasn’t. The plot feels quite flat and very idealistic. The story is about a girl from a small village falls in love with a movie star who, all in all, just is far too good to be true. I really wanted to like this book, I read Giovanna’s blog for OK and I quite like the lady, but so far, the book is just far too twee and too much of a Twilight love story for me to really warm to it.

Image courtesy of goodreads.


Something I watched……

I just can’t get enough of new Game of Thrones, it’s something that I became addicted to while season 2 was airing, and I quickly caught up with it. Now season 4 is on Sky Atlantic and that’s my Monday nights taken over!! 


Something I wore…..

I bought myself some EEE fit wedges from Next this week ready for a friend’s birthday outing this weekend – they ARE on the big side due to the fact (for once) my feet are too slim for the fit. So I do have to wear some insoles in them to keep them up, but they really are fantastic – and so comfy!!


Something I listened to…

I love this song by Kiesza – it’s brilliantly elecropop! Give it a listen!

Something I love…

Meet Snowy! We have become a family with a dog now – I absolutely adore him!! He’s a scruffy pup and having a hair cut this week but he’s so beautiful and a great natured dog!



Hope to speak to you soon!!