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So on instagram (@thingsaboutemmy) I started doing the #100happydays challenge whereby you take a photo everyday for 100 days, to show things that have made you smile/made you happy. The problem I find with instagram, taking selfies, and visually displaying parts of my life like that is I often take a photo and wonder if it’s really good enough. I follow an awful lot of people on instagram who are very good at taking ‘perfect photos’. You know the kind, against a white background, or the sun is filtered just right, or the teal spotty vintage mug is placed just beside the scone in the vintage tea room. And, I admit, I’m jealous because I just can’t seem to take those kind of photos. So I’ve made a promise with myself, that when I take a photograph of it, I post it first time (unless it’s blurry). I’ve made a commitment to take photos of things that make me smile and happy, rather than constructing a scene around me and making a caption to fit it. Sure, I’m going to post a photo of my cup of tea and a chocolate bar, and sure sometimes I’m going to try and construct pictures artistically. After all, I was once a Fine Art student and the artsy part has never quite left me. But I’m not going to take and retake and take again a photograph that is perfect to start with because the scene it represents made me happy before I even got my iPhone out. 

E x