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Hello again! 
It’s been a while, I know, and aside from every time I sit down at my laptop to give my blog a bit of love, I usually start my posts with the words, I’m sorry or it’s been a while!!
Unfortunately for me, lately I’ve been a very stressed out individual indeed. Work pressures and the stress of being already poorly with an ongoing problem have meant I got really sick this week and I ended up in hospital. I like to think I was brave but I really wasn’t, I cried when they told me I’d have to stay in overnight and even then I pleaded with the doctor to discharge me (which thankfully, she did) so I could sleep in my own bed and I promised her I’d go back for the check ups I needed. I don’t know why, but I’m terrified of hospitals. I know, that given my line of work and the amount of times I’ve been sat in A&E with a twisted ankle or a suspected broken bone thanks to my usual dopey-ness, that I’d be quite used to it and be completely chilled out about the whole experience. I’m really not. The idea of being in a strange place with strange people, sleeping in a bed that’s not mine, being with other people who are sick and also noisy, just really terrifies me. I’m on the mend now, and fortunately have not been sick for a good 72 hours! The only thing left hanging on from it is aching legs and a loss of appetite – but that’s helping my diet loads!
I’ve been thinking lately about the kind of person I am. Dan brought me home a questionnaire he was given in one of his lectures. One of his modules of his masters is the consultancy and management side of being an engineer and therefore they’ve been going through management approaches and the type of person they are and the style that you naturally adopt. So, last night, I sat down to do this quiz and I uncovered that I am a team player, and a co-ordinator. I have no idea how accurate this quizzy thing is, but it had a description of what your result meant and mine said I enjoyed working alongside others as a team player and I enjoyed seeking out solutions with those around me and involving people in new ways of thinking and sorting things out. I could quite agree with a lot of what it said to be honest, although I know that a lot of it is very generalised.
It also came into my thoughts a little bit today as well, my role as a co-ordinator (I am starting to see this as a nicer word for bossy) because next Sunday it’s Mother’s Day. (There you go, I reminded you!) A lot of people I know have a similar attitude to Mother’s Day, the same sort that some have to Valentine’s Day, that it’s a great opportunity to show your appreciation, but an enormous money making thing. I’m not sure where my opinion resides to be honest. I like to make the effort to give my mum small tokens of appreciation all year around, not just for one day, but I do really also enjoy the gift that is giving to someone else. Anyway, me and Dan are this year putting our funds into another pot so birthday presents and Christmas presents have suffered a little bit to our usual standards and this year for Mother’s Day the same rule has applied. So, we went to the supermarket in search of some small treats to buy for our mums to pamper themselves next weekend. It is more than evident, in the relationship Dan and I have, that I am definitely the birthday rememberer. I know that I’m right in saying that in every relationship there is one out of the two who always remembers the birthdays and gets the card. For Dan and I, it’s 100% me. In his defence, he is better at remembering a ton of other stuff that I can’t, but in this particular field, it is me who buys and writes the card, and makes sure it gets there. 
I also bought whilst I was in the supermarket some Vaseline body lotion that is cocoa scented and is supposed to give you a healthy glow. I always moisturise my arms before I get dressed every morning, so once I’ve given it a go for a few days I’ll marker my findings on it. I do know so far it smells really good just from flipping the cap up on the bottle.



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Have a great week!

E x