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Firstly, let me hugely apologise to everyone for my little sabbatical from blogging lately. Truthfully, somethingaboutemmy is having a facelift – in that it will soon become a self hosted website. This means I’ve been putting all my blogging energy into redesigning my blog and what it will look like. 

One of my bestest friends in the whole world is helping me with it – you can view his website here – http://www.leeshawdesign.com/

So then, what’s been happening?

Well, the last few weeks have mainly consisted of me trying to take life a bit slower! Currently, it’s been wedding central with me and Daniel, we’ve been arranging and sorting and making lists and all I can seem to think about is weddings!! It’s crazy, and amazingly exciting all at the same time to think in 200 days time I will be someone’s wife, and on my honeymoon. 200 days!! 

It gets even scarier to think that 200 days ago today I was packing to go on holiday to France, which feels only like last week. Time is going crazily fast. 

One of my close friends from high school and I visited the Temple Of Sweden (IKEA) to buy table centrepieces and venue decorations. I am totally in love with IKEA and I could literally spend all day in there (then hide in a wardrobe until they closed and spend all night in there). The great thing about IKEA is you can apply for a free family card which gives you discounted rates on products and also gives you free tea and coffee on weekdays.

So, after helping ourselves to a discounted breakfast, we ventured around the shop to find our bits and bobs. IKEA is a great shop for big AND little furnishings and I adore it for little home accessories.

It may have been a small excuse to get a small fix of Scandinavia after The Bridge has finished!! 😉

How has everyone been getting on? 

Speak to you soon!

E x