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Something I watched…

I am loving the second series of Brøn/Broen this year. I so missed Saga and Martin the last two years that it’s been off air, and even better is that every Saturday night it’s been a double bill. So that’s two whole hours of Swedish/Danish goodness. I even had a dream in Swedish last week, which freaked me out a little bit when I woke up. It’s crazy how immersed I feel this series. 




Something I listened to…

I actually can’t get enough right now of Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros’ song called ‘Home’. It was on a Renault or Peugeot advert last summer, but for some reason it’s been on repeat for the last few days. I love the whole dusty American town feel it’s got going on.


Something I wore…

I actually adore my Next shoes, they really are my first grown up pair of shoes that aren’t battered brogues or dolly shoes, they truly are the comfiest pair of footwear I own!!!




Something I read…

My best friend is currently writing an amazing Sherlock Holmes fanfic. It’s so great, I’ve been getting snippets of future chapters on the sly! Check it out here – 



Something I can’t live without…

This last week has been a very strange one for me. I actually had my rota day off work this week, for the first time in ages. I’ve been spending great amounts of time in the gym with my friend Iona, which has been fantastic and relaxing. I go to FXLeisure in Leyland – not too far from where I live – and they have the most amazing gym facilities, and the best spa area – including the outdoor jacuzzi. So this post’s Something I can’t live without simply has to be my amazing best friend Iona. We worked out that this year we will have been friends nine years which may not seem a long time to some people, but I think I speak for us both when I say they have gone immensely quickly. She is inspirational, and has had so much to overcome in the last year alone, and has done spectacularly well to move away from home, become a university student and pass her driving test all whilst dealing with Social Anxiety. I know she would be quite modest about the whole affair – but I know I speak for me and so many others when I say I am so proud of you!!!!!!!! Unfortunately I was not blessed with a sister, but between Iona and my other close friend Emily and my cousins, I have near enough the same thing, someone to have a whine and moan to, but to share in giggles and uncontrollable laughter over silly things. So, if you read this, love always!!xxxx

p.s – please don’t kill me about the photo!! 😉 you look beautiful even when sloshed!! xxx