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I started writing a fanfiction a while ago but I stopped, mostly because my creative juices just stopped, and I couldn’t think of a reason, or a story, that compelled me enough to keep writing.

The Bridge series 2 has just started in the UK, and I am a tiny bit obsessed by it. I love it to pieces and because of it I have started to learn Swedish. (I know right, it’s like all the books you start and never finish is like me with languages. I’ve started Polish and now Swedish!) Anyway, the new series inspired me to start a fanfiction again and yes I know it’s probably crap – it’s an awful long time since I was sat in my English classroom doing my essays on how to do ‘creative writing’ – but I really enjoyed writing it. You might enjoy reading it too!!


Check it out here! *Bites fingernails nervously.*

Emmy x