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Firstly, can I start by writing and wishing you all a Happy New Year! I hope your year is filled with blessings and I wish all my readers all the best. 

For me, New Years has started with me having the lurgy, I have a terrible sore throat and aching limbs and my face is full of coldsores which I tend to get when I’m poorly or run down (ergh).

This morning when I woke up me and Dan watched my favourite film (Despicable Me 2) under a blanket and Dan made me breakfast. Then we went to his parents house and played a game, and came back home to watch the football and have a buffet tea with my grandparents (as is New Year tradition in our house) and now I’m watching the new Sherlock with strawberry Nesquik. Yum,

So 2014, what a year it looks to be! I have only one more day of holiday left until I have to go back to work and I’m praying my sore throat has gone!! It’s always a hard thing going back into work when you’ve had a spell of time away for something like Christmas. I still can’t believe it has been a whole week since Christmas Day. Time is seeming to go so fast right now! 

I don’t want to write a list of things that I want to do in 2014 because I don’t think I’ll have much interest in them after a week, unfortunately for me persistence is not one of my strong points – however, this year I will have a special outfit to wear so my plan is to get healthy (and if I lose weight – well, that’s a bonus). I plan on doing a lot of juicing, eating more fruit (that I like), smaller balanced meals and less sugar! I also am going to start making use of my gym membership which currently is costing me £30 for the privilege of doing nothing with it!

Aside from that, I just want to take better care of my body. I won’t eat more calories than I can burn and I want to start exfoliating more. 

I secretly made a head start on this front when in the Trafford Centre last week, one of my good friends introduced me to a little beauty called Ocean Salt made by Lush. It is just fantastic. The main ingredients are sea salt, lime (extracted in vodka!), avocado and coconut. I’ve started to use this rather than a face wash, and as long as you remember to keep your mouth shut (if you don’t like very salty water seeping into your mouth) it is such a pleasant and lovely experience. I actually look forwards to washing my face in the morning because I get to use it.

Image Image courtesy of lushaholic.com – no copyright infringement intended.


Another thing I have started to use on my hair is something called R&B (also made by Lush) which is a hair conditioner. You really don’t need a lot (I found out the hard way) but your hair becomes so much softer and it smells fantastic. It uses oat milk and avocado butter and literally, my hair is so thick that hairdressers actually complain at me when they cut my hair. Not only is it thick, it can be uncontrollably curly and it gets really really dry. The first time I used it I washed my hair as usual, and then put quite a hefty blob of this through my hair. Needless to say, when I put the hairdryer through my hair, it felt as if I hadn’t actually washed my hair in the first place and it felt horrible. Then I felt annoyed with myself for spending money on something which clearly was no good. The second time, however, I did not condition my hair, and ran a small amount through my hair instead after towel drying. It feels fantastic now and you use so little of it even I with my thick hair can probably make this tub last forever. 

ImageImage courtesy of lush.com – no copyright infringement intended


I know what all you beauty bloggers are screaming to me – “How have you not discovered Lush before now?!” 

My honest answer is that I underestimated it. Every time I walked into a Lush shop it was filled with rather strange shop assistants who struck me as the type that didn’t wear deodorant and/or embraced their inner mother nature by dancing in a muddy field with cows. It kind of put me off a little. However, I started using their fresh face masks a year ago and I went into Lush in the Manchester Arndale an hour before I was supposed to be at the People in Pharmacy awards (for which I was nominated for one) in a bit of a flap because I had forgotten to pack mine. It was the first time I had met a shop assistant there who didn’t scare me, he was called Charlie (which I resisted to tell him was the same name as my hamster) and he spent quite a bit of time with me, and proceeded to give me a gift (which I still have) from the shop to wish me luck. He was quite nice really.

Is it wrong I have a small celebrity crush on Armin Van Buuren? Please don’t ask me why, I don’t even understand it myself. My brain makes me attracted to the likes of Dara O’Briain and Harry Styles (I know, it’s just so wrong). 

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So lovely readers, happy 2014!! 

E xx