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Well, Christmas is nearly here! Only FOUR more full days to go! I’m writing this post at a good friends house, watching The Hunchback of Notre Dame – with the kitty sleeping by the Christmas tree and the wind howling outside making the doors rattle. I love Christmas so much. I love the traditions and the little niche things each family does differently. In our house, we usually see family and friends on Christmas Eve, me and Dan go to the pictures and come out in time for Midnight Mass and then once Dan has gone back home the King family go to bed together (when it’s technically Christmas Day). I usually wake up first, and go into my brothers room and wake him up and we watch TV together or a film. Then we go and wake up Mum and Dad, go downstairs and make a brew (we are so British) and then go into the living room together (we all have to go in at the same time) and open our presents. This year I’ll be away from home for the first time, we are going to Leeds to spend time with Dan’s family for Christmas dinner.

I watched Disney’s Frozen last night – it was amaaaazing.

Anyone have their little Christmas traditions?