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Well, only two more work get ups for me, Friday and Monday – and then no more work for me until the 3rd January! Hooray!!
Since I feel as excited as I did when I used to break up for Christmas at school, here’s a something I love end of term style! 😀
Something I read…
I’m still on with the Millenium series by Steig Larsson which I’m still thoroughly enjoying!

Something I watched…
Gogglebox. What a programme. I was so cynical at first about watching people watch TV, but I’m howling with laughter every time it comes on. My favourites are the gay couple and the two women from London called Sandy and Sandra. Quote of the series –

Sandra: ‘When I got married to my last husband, we never had nothing.’
Sandy: ‘You’ve never had a cake or like..?’
Sandra: ‘Nope, straight down KFC.’

Something I wore…
My hair down and natural! Due to switching medicines at the minute I’ve been sleeping terribly and therefore sleeping through my alarm – so I’ve not had chance to do anything with my hair. Depending on how kind my hair feels somedays it looks good… Others awful!!

Something I listened to…
I’m still on a Two Door Cinema Club high from last Thursday seeing them at The Empress Ballroom. I adore them. Especially when the Irish bass player started talking! (For some reason that confused me, Alex Trimble has a North American accent).

Something I love…
Well! The wedding wheels are really truly turning!! This Christmas is about finding dresses and other wedding bobs and last weekend we booked our honeymoon! Hooray! We originally wanted to go to Vancouver but since I’ve only got a week off work after the wedding and it’s a 16 hour flight, it’s quite a long way just for five days!! We both have agreed we will be going as soon as is possible – it’s a country really close to our hearts – Dan is half Canadian and a Canadian citizen himself (at least that’s one visa we wouldn’t need!!).
Then we couldn’t decide what we wanted. I like sea, beaches by small towns, trains to the cities. I find it hard to switch off from my job so I like a good relax, a pool and a good book. Dan likes a pool, mountains, walks, sightseeing and being busy all the time. We were finding it a nightmare to pick somewhere that suited us both We found it so easy to find somewhere we wanted! Austria, Poland, Spain, Zante, Majorca, Turkey… No, no, no, no, no, no!!
We were just about to give it up as a bad job when… Ta dah! We started searching for Italy. A family friend of ours is Italian and he always raves about his homeland.
We found the perfect spot – the Neapolitan Riviera – sea, tick. Sun, tick. Mountains, tick. Twenty minutes from Naples, tick. Small towns, tick. Things to see nearby, tick. Best food in the world, tick.
All this seemed too incredible to be true, but we found the best hotel with a pool terrace overlooking the Mediterranean and the mountains, and now I think I’m temporarily more excited about our honeymoon than anything else!!


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Where’s your dream holiday?
E x