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What were you doing when you found out Nelson Mandela has died?

I found out Nelson Mandela had died late on Thursday night, I had been round at Dan’s house and my phone was on silent in the hallway. When I was leaving to go home at around eleven, I checked my phone and it was electric from the news, twitter, facebook, people had even instagram-ed quotes of Mandela’s and reposted them.

Nelson Mandela was a wonderful man, he fought for freedom and equality and he will never be forgotten.

The last couple of days have been a storm surge in the North West where I live – in fact, I don’t think there are any parts of the UK that haven’t seen a part of the storm. There have been terrible winds, rain and flooding, in fact, one of my neighbours went canoeing on some football fields literally a quarter of a mile away from my house.


Image courtesy of Lancashire Evening Post – Taken from FaceBook (ChrisHough)

I apologise for the lack of posting and of course thank you all for still reading and bearing with me!!

How is everyone set for Christmas? I have become the owner of a new laptop (which I am so grateful) for when I move out later this year – so I can continue blogging and doing my writing and fanfictions.

Love it!!



Image courtesy of http://www.currys.co.uk

Anyway – off to do more Christmas shopping now!!

E x