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So, where has a month gone?
In a months time I will be one working day from finishing for Christmas – my last Christmas as an unmarried girl.
I haven’t bought any presents, I haven’t prepared anything at all. In fact I think I only properly realised today that I needed to pull my finger out and start getting sorted.
Tomorrow it’s my Mum-in-law’s birthday and we are having our traditional girly day out to Manchester but this time we are going to the Manchester Christmas Markets (well worth a visit) rather than the Trafford Centre to enjoy some Gluhwein (mmmm) and Bratwurst. I think I will be so ready for Christmas after visiting the markets I might burst out into spontaneous carols (steady now).

So then, I write an awful lot about my Dan but not a lot about how we met. Which, to be perfectly honest is not a very interesting story. We didn’t fall across each other at a train station and I didn’t spill my coffee over him and apologise profusely, neither did we have some romantic encounter somewhere and we became love’s young dream – we were friends at a church youth group when we were young teenagers and I got a stupidly enormous crush on him (how I hate that word). Anyway, we both had girlfriends and boyfriends respectively in the year leading up to us getting together and then we finally got together (of course, with the help of friends).

So here we are now, five and a half years later – we are nine months away from being Mr and Mrs – and I am so happy and excited.

So – hope you have a wonderful Friday tomorrow and a great weekend!

Love E x