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It’s starting to become embarrassing the decline I have let my blog fall into. I seriously don’t know where the time is going and how my weeks are just speeding past. I have been so busy with work that I kept forgetting to claim my company mileage and I’ve just put through nearly a thousand miles in the last three weeks.

It’s been cray. We booked our wedding venue and church. And now we have less than 10 months to get ourselves sorted and it’s suddenly become really just… real. Me and Mr E have been together for coming up to six years and we have been engaged for three, and for a long time we had struggles to seem to get our relationship to just move.

I’ve been watching Father Figure on BBC1 – I’m finding it hilarious. It has Jason Byrne and Pauline McLynn (who was Mrs Doyle in Father Ted) – its like an Irish Outnumbered. 

My bestest friend has moved away to Lincoln and it’s amazing how much you realise you miss people when they aren’t just around the corner. She’s doing a great job with her partner to settle in – their house looks great – and clean – which I don’t think ours will this time next year! 

Well it’s time for my bed – given that I’ve got a six o’clock get up for my shift tomorrow. 

Thank you for sticking by me in my rather empty blog days – I’ll endeavour to post more – and post more interesting things!!

Em x