Big apologies for massive absence!
What has happened?
Nails! By Posh Tips in Fulwood 🙂

I always love having acrylics on – my own nails are horrible shapes and I’m far too lazy to keep them painting all the time. They’ve done an amazing job and the glitter acrylic appeals to my inner princess! 😉

I fully discovered Benefit makeup. I had my face done at their counter – and bought some of their products. Honestly, after a week, my skin is so much better, and their foundation especially is light and doesn’t feel thick or sticky.


Track of the week – absolutely got to be Foals – My Number. It was the hook for Glastonbury this year and I’d forgotten all about it until it came on Radio 1 driving to work. I downloaded it straight away from iTunes. It’s been on repeat ever since!!!



We got a brand new car! This is exciting – especially as it was just what we were looking for and will serve really well as our family car when we get married next year! It’s a Hyundai – a delight to drive after my basic Citroen and filled with all kinds of whizzy buttons and dials – it’s like driving a spaceship at night! 😉

That’s all for now !

E x