Happy winter!
Yep, it’s winter again in England – well, technically it’s probably autumn but that makes absolutely no difference to me with the howling wind, freezing cold temperatures and buckets of rain.
So, not a lot has happened. I don’t know why I write a blog, aside from the fact I enjoy it, I’m a really boring person!
My best friend turned 21. And here is me about to scare the living bejaysus out of you in my ‘Friday the 13th persona’.

Currently I seem to be living in my doctors waiting room. I’ve had an ongoing health issue that no doctor has seemed to be able to crack and for a long time it’s been put down to many things such as IBS, stress and depression.
Now, however, I’m seeing a new doctor who seems to be making a little headway – what I mean is – we’ve got further in investigations than other doctors.
So, here’s to hoping we find out the cause, and then we can sort out some treatment. You’ve gotta live in hope, right?
Bye for now – don’t forget your umbrellas!
E x