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Firstly, sorry about how long I’ve been away! I had a fantastic holiday, and check out my hot future husband in his wetsuit!!! 😉


So, I was having a nosey over at Louise’s blog check it out here and really wanted to do a ‘how much is my face worth’ post.

So, firstly, I use Superdrug’s Tea Tree wipes for sensitive skin in the mornings (after washing my face with cold water) – these retail at £2.99.


I then put on The Body Shop’s Seaweed Mattifying Day Cream – retails at £4.00.

My make up is very minimal day to day, when I work I rarely wear any at all. If I do wear any make up it is usually Garnier Skin perfector (retail £6.99), Rimmel 1000 kisses lipstain (retail £6.99), Maybelline Colossal mascara (retail £7.19), Maybelline BROWdrama, (retail £4.99), The Body Shop shimmer pearls (retail £14.00) and no7 Extreme Length mascara (retail £12.50). I also keep lip balm with a slight stain effect on the lips, it’s from Superdrug and its actually made by One Direction (I know, I know), which retails at £2.50.

So far my total is £62.15. I haven’t even left the house at this point!!! I admit, when I read Louise’s post I thought that I couldn’t possibly have spent too much on make up, but it really adds up!!



Garnier image courtesy of http://www.superdrug.com – no copyright infringement intended.

When I’m getting ready for bed, I use The Body Shop’s Camomile eye make up remover (retails at £8.00) and their Silky Camomile Cleansing Oil (retails at £10.00). I then use their Seaweed night treatment (retails at £11.00) and go to sleep!



This brings my total to a whopping £91.15.
After looking back at all this, I’ve decided I need to start economising on my make up and skincare!!!

See you soon,
E x

P.S – are you going to take the challenge?!