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Frou Frou – Must Be Dreaming

I first got into Frou Frou while I was in high school, and I must admit, while everyone else raved about the new sensation that was Fallout Boy, I had Imogen Heap blasting out of my earphones. I liked how abstract everything sounded, and how it didn’t conform to everything else on my iPod, which, by the way, I had the coolest iPod mini….

Oh yes, I had one of these bad boys, until she finally admitted defeat. In exactly this colour. In fact, if you were listening to it in the dead quiet, you could actually hear the insides whirring. She was awesome. I then moved on to one of these.

A first generation iPod shuffle. It, quite frankly, was the business. Then she died too. So I moved on to one of these…

A first generation iPod nano. She was beautiful, and crisp white. She even had a mirror in the back. She died a death on holiday. I did actually shed a tear.

Next came…

In pink, I still have her. She is my beach pod for holidays when I don’t want to take my phone. I then bought myself one of these for my 14th birthday.

She ended up in a pond after my brother took her fishing, along with my Blackberry.

For a while I then used my dad’s iPod nano, third generation. He had a pink one, which was convenient.

Then, for my 16th birthday, I recieved….

TA DA!!!!!

A what was then, the coolest and latest iPod, the iPod touch!! Great fun. In fact, its only just said its goodbyes.

I then got an iPhone, which replaced my need for an iPod completely. I got a wicked and new (and now completely outdated) iPhone 3G!! Spiffing.

Finally, I am now using an iPhone 4. I didn’t plan on forever having Apple products, but it’s just the way it has gone. I can’t wait to see what they bring out next, I’m due an update soon!!!!

Reading this and going back, I had no idea how many iPod’s I’ve had over the years, a fair few!! And it does seem I’ve been going through them at a rate of knots.

I urge you to check out Frou Frou! They are pretty cool, and a good summer soundtrack.

E x

Disclaimer – I DO NOT OWN THESE PHOTOS. They were sourced using http://www.google.co.uk and browsing through their images tab. All credits go to the original owners.