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Welcome to my room…

Okay, so for my post today, rather than talk about my outfit or my music, I’d show you my room. Come on in. So this is where I read, listen to my iPod, write my blog, mess with make up, sleep etc.

I warn you, it’s a mess. To me it’s a mess anyway. Generally, I get quite tetchy if things aren’t tidy, in fact my workmates joke about my OCD about phones being put back in the holders when we’ve finished or pens being put back in the holders or using too many lines or too much space when we write in a prescription in the register or the private book.

My room is the place I tend to let go of a bit, not much mind, I mean, I let it go a couple of days without a Hoover, or I suddenly realise I haven’t put my clothes away at 2am and I get up and tidy. I am a night tidier. In fact I tidy best in the small hours.

Enough small talk. Here is the room in question.


Surface one – the candle side. I love candles in my room, I have too many to count and it’s ridiculous a fair few. Also, there’s a photo of Mr Emmy in his last high school days – I found it in his house a few years ago and bagged myself a copy. I find it so cute!!


Surface two – the telly surface.
Let me introduce reliable and also pretty ikea cabinet. Home to the tv and yet more candles. See the ‘love’ hanger? That was an engagement present and it’s so beautiful! It’s quite fragile though, but it really is one of my favourite things.


Corner one – the make up corner.
For a girl who doesn’t tend to use too much make up, I have a lot, and a lot of drawers dedicated to its cause and a drawer for my hair products. Cue pink spotty (also helpful) boxes from ikea and spotty drawers – both were cheap but really useful.


Let me zoom in on my photo frame – I am in love with. It’s got a lot of photos from my childhood, with my parents, my aunties wedding and also with my friend Sammy and Mr Emmy too. I love this photo frame especially, because it signifies to me just how much life I’ve already had that I should be so grateful for. (That’s also the cause of the tattoo on my foot but I digress…)


Back to the room…


The last surface – the book surface.
Okay, it does have my straighteners on – but this is a collection of newly read books that are waiting for a place on the bookshelf. Also has my cute penguin present and the handmade dinosaur too. I like to think that the really messy artistic show of books shows just how cultured I am… 😉

Anyway enough from me for now!

E x