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So, two hours ago I was in a vet surgeons for emergencies, with my beautiful six week old hamster Reggie who had developed brain damage and wet tail disease, and although antibiotics may have cured his wet tail, he would have probably had seizures, strokes, falls and more neurological damage.
At this point I had to make a really really really hard decision, the vet had told me the kindest thing would be to put him to sleep, and I really am truly devastated by it.
He may have been ‘just a hamster’ but a big part of me is wrenching with guilt and anger and I feel completely devastated by it. He was so beautiful and I wish I could have given him a better start to his life, and at this minute I wish that I hadn’t then had to bury him in my garden and say goodbye to a life that had barely started.
Hamsters have such characters, like a dog or a cat they are so individual. Charlie, my hamster (who has run away and unfortunately hasn’t returned) is so OCD about everything, she has a cleaning routine and a waking routine and a bedtime routine and she only responded to my voice or my mothers voice. She would eat everything (except rhubarb) and would take food straight from your hand if you offered it her. She barely showed any kind of affection, and although she liked to be handled, it was only by people she knew.
Wolfy on the other hand, we reared from birth, and he really truly thinks he is a real boy. He gets up with us for breakfast, clamours to be held and cuddled, relishes affection and quickly gets jealous if he knows you are with someone else or another pet, he won’t take food straight from your hand and will give you a little lick of affection now and again.
Hamsters have been fantastic pets to us.
I am feeling truly upset and I still question whether I did the right thing for Reggie.
I know that he does not suffer any more, but this has truly been one of the hardest, if not the hardest night of my life.

E x