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My beautiful hamster Charlie went missing on Sunday, we have had no sign of her since then and we’re quite upset in the family over it. Charlie was our first family pet, if you discount goldfish, and although she is ‘just a hamster’ she had so much character and genuinely became a part of our family. Hopefully she will return to us, we miss our beautiful, grumpy, fatty hamster.

,My Charlie.

I still have my beautiful long haired Wolfy, who is Charlie’s son, he has just turned one, and it is said one hamster year is two weeks in our money, so he’s about 26 years old. The veteran. 


And finally, meet Reggie!

Reggie is our newest addition to the hamster kingdom. We brought him home today and we think he is around 6-8 weeks. He is currently getting to grips with his new big house he has all to himself rather than sharing a tiny space like he did in the pet shop.

The hunt for Charlie is still on, literally I had to go and stop writing to go help hold ladders etc to go up to the attic because we thought we could hear her scratching from the bathroom. We have a cage on hold for her for when she makes her return, hopefully she will come back when she gets really hungry!


Emmy x


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