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Rudimental ft. Ella Eyre, one of the songs blasting from my car right now as I drive to work. I love her soul voice and I adore her hair too.

I am having a bit of a Rudimentalathon lately, I love the fresh brass in their pieces and the use of strong individual voices.

I actually adore Radio 1’s live lounge, I like that actually the artists, whether they are covering their own songs or someone elses, they bring their own styles into it and change it completely.

For example, Beautiful People by Chris Brown is my favourite song of ALL TIME. You will see why I adore Labrinth’s cover.

I like both the cover and the original for completely different reasons. For example, the original came out (and I bought my music from iTunes) I was in London taking the tube around the city visiting relatives and shopping and the beat completely matches the fast pace of life for me down there that I absolutely adore. I don’t know why it has become my favourite song ever, but it has over 1,00o counts of play on my iTunes library.

Do you remember this song?

Fell in love with this in a different country. It actually reminds me of walking on the beach with the waves lapping at my feet, the smell of sun cream. Isn’t it strange how a song can pull you back in years?

I really dislike Florence and the Machine. And that really is an understatement. I always think her bands songs do nothing to show off her voice. And though I don’t know her, she irritates me. When I bought the Live Lounge CD I automatically skipped past Florence’s song until it came on my iPod while driving and I didn’t turn it over. Halfway through the song I had no idea why I had skipped it so many times.

Similarly with Bombay Bicycle Club. Never heard of them, skip right past them. How wrong I was!


So, I’ll finish with Daft Punk’s new release. I really like it, it’s catchy.

Hope the sun shines on you this week.

E x