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So, I am currently packing for my impending holiday to Andalusia. I absolutely love going on my jollies, and a few friends have been jetting off over the last few days and I simply can’t wait.

One thing I thing is often (and wrongfully) overlooked is hand luggage, airlines often give you at least a good 5kg to play with and there are so many things you can take with you on the flight. I’ll be on a relatively short flight, spending around three hours on the plane but I love packing my hand luggage very carefully and putting in things that will keep me well entertained.

Firstly, I am using a smallish sized backpack, this is a similar design (mine is cream and navy striped).


Obviously in my bag will be holiday essentials, passport, flight documents, my mobile phone (which often doubles as my camera – and don’t forget needs to be put on aeroplane mode BEFORE your flight) and my purse containing both euros and a small amount of GBP. I keep a light cardy in too, incase I’m chilly on the plane.

I also will put in my clear zipping make up bag which will serve as my liquids container – containing my Garnier hand cream (less than 100mls), my Dream Matte Mousse foundation, Makeover Essentials bronzer stick, mascara, eyeliner and eyebrow pencil (all Rimmel). I keep my main toiletries in my large case, but especially when we go early morning or later on in the day, it’s nice to reapply make up (and it also passes time).

I don’t really see the point in putting your perfume in your hand luggage, the reality is the duty free will serve as your pre-flight perfume parlour and it just ends up being added liquid to fit into your clear container.

I do own a kindle and a tablet however, I find it best to keep a paperback book in my hand luggage (unless the flight will outlive my book, in which case my kindle carries as many as I like) and I like having my tablet (again on aeroplane mode) to play games on whilst we are airborne or watch movies on etc.

The last major thing is a bottle of water (bought AFTER customs) and some snacks, and a few lollipops or sweets for when your ears pop. I’m also travel sick, so sickness pills are way up on my needed list.

One last tip is to wear shoes that easily come on and off, as sometimes going through customs and checks you do need to remove your shoes. Most jewellery I have ever worn set off the magnetic alarms so don’t forget to remove those too before you pass through the special magnetic arch of doom to avoid a good frisking. (And yes, a tin of Vaseline sets it off too).

Hope everybody had a good Easter break.





note – I do not own pictures used in this post.