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Quick post! I’m so tired!! Just popping on a post after today three people have said the words to me… “I didn’t know that about you!”

Fact One
I’m allergic to cats and dust mite.
(I adore cats.)


Fact Two
I hate mashed potato and banana. The texture is frankly disgusting.

Fact Three
I put my hair into a Dutch braid every night. I can’t stand hair about my face when I’m sleeping. Some people call it an inside out French plait but I find it much easier (and quicker) which is especially good when you’re tired.


Fact Four
My favourite film has got to be Despicable Me. Shortly followed by Lemony Snickets ASOUE and Lawless.

Fact Five
My favourite colour is red.

Fact Six
Watching The Bill from a young age made my dream occupation as a child a Policewoman.

Fact Seven
I have owned my beautiful and favourite Rupert Bear since being but a tiny dot of a baby and he is my most prized possession.

As you can see, he has gone through considerable wear and tear, and has travelled all over the world with me.

Fact Eight
My grandparents are some of my role models, and to add Granny C makes the best Lancashire hotpot there is ever to exist, in fact being a born and bred Lancashire girl (and reet Lancashire broad – as she would say ‘broo-ad’) they really do encourage me and inspire me and have done since a small child.

Fact Nine
I don’t actually know what kind of accent I have. I say book (buk) whereas the Lancashire dialect would normally say (booooo-k) but then I don’t say bath like (baaaaaaaaaarth – it’s bah-th). My friends also take the royal rip because I said genuinely ‘Jen-u-wine-ly’ rather than ‘Jen-u-in-ly’. I also say Halfords (hol-fuds) and ‘Will you have a drink?’ rather than ‘Would you like a drink?’ – which again causes feuds.
PS- I also say the days meals go, Breakfast, Dinner, Tea as opposed to Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

Fact Ten
I look nothing like my brother. But I’m quite glad he is my brother. He’s quite cool.