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I am, admittedly, a terrible blogger. You don’t need to read fast or far to know that much. I’ve been absent from my own site for over a month, and shamefully have to blame my increasingly demanding fun job for this. Truthfully, I’ve been working long shifts all over Lancashire and Cumbria and I’m just exhausted when the day is out.
So what have you missed… Well nothing major. Mr Emmy and I have looked over some wedding venues some more before we finally make up our minds about when and where and thanks to both the volume of work and how little time in a day we both have, we have managed to completely miss each other for the whole week so far.

Currently on my car playlist is a mash up of The Black Keys, Ben Howard, Two Door Cinema Club and Bombay Bicycle Club. I’m probably the one that passes you in the car yelling along like a banshee to ‘Lights Out, Words Gone’ or ‘Only Love’. I also mixed it up tonight with a spot of Clannad, although not everyone appreciated floaty Irish music tonight coming home.
Had myself a hot bath tonight and watched Toy Story 3 on my Nexus for the millionth time but it really never seems to get old. I love the smell of Sanctuary Spa body wash, it’s so neutral but smells incredibly fresh and lovely.

Also had my second tattoo, a treble/bass clef heart on my forearm. I never saw myself as a girl who would ever like tattoos but I’m finding lately how much I am surprising myself by the things I’m turning out to like and loathe.
I did a spell on the ice rink, and came away upright and with nothing broken, my North American mother in law will be so proud!
Celebrated St Paddy’s Day in the pub drinking… You guessed it, Guinness.
Nothing much else exciting is happening although two weeks tomorrow it will be my birthday and I will be on my long awaited Easter break (yay) and jetting off to the sun (I really hope) with Mr Emmy and the rest of the Greeny gang.
Sigh, five more get ups to go.


Santa Fe de Los Boliches, Andalusia – taken on my holiday there last June. I will be flying over there again soon in just a few weeks!!