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I’ve just heard a part of Barack Obama’s speech/address over gun crime and I couldn’t agree with him more.
I am aware, currently in my city the trial of the murders of Fiona Bone and Nicola Hughes is taking place, and British news is often talking of a shooting or a mugging or a stabbing – however, I do not live in a crime free country.
I’ve also watched (and however much I don’t like him is irrelevant) Piers Morgan interviewing several die-hard “It is our right to carry guns from the amendments” folk. Many country folk and people with that certain interest will have shotguns for hunting and I agree with people having the right to protect themselves. But in that frame of mind I do not think that Mr Example owning a semi-automatic is an entirely reasonable precaution.
I agree with Obama, the people should have a right to vote, it’s their towns and cities and their children they send to school knowing what happened at Newtown.

They deserve a vote.

I could not begin to imagine the fear that some parents may have now sending their children to school, wondering what may happen, or even the fear of walking alone down a dark secluded street.
I understand I can be just as nervous walking along streets in the UK alone at night, I know that crime and fear exist pretty much in most places. But I feel where Obama is pushing for this, they deserve to have their vote.