Tuesday 15th January…


Chilled out day, here’s my late night cup of cocoa in my Starbucks tank 😉

Wednesday 16th January…


My mum and I had a ‘weddingy’ night, watching ‘Don’t tell the Bride’ episodes. It’s all making me too excited!!

Thursday 17th January…


Started back at work as a relief dispenser, working in Lancashire and Cumbria. It started snowing too!

Friday 18th January…


Me and Mr Emmy were at Manchester Town Hall and stayed over at the Midland Hotel (verrrry nice) as I was nominated for a People in Pharmacy award. I didn’t win, but we had a fab night and didn’t pay for a single drink!! It’s nice to get properly dressed up too!

Saturday 19th January…


Travelled back home and had a kip! My grandparents (all four) came home for tea too.

Sunday 20th January…


Had a very lazy day, couldn’t be bothered straightening my hair but I rarely leave it natural. So here’s a picture.

Monday 21st January…


Working again in snowy Garstang – had a good day but most of the snow freezing over and getting slippy so I was nearly always falling on my bum!