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Tuesday 8th January


Tried contacts again for a day.
I still don’t like them.

Wednesday 9th January


Bought me a German novel from Oxfam, me and Mr Emmy try and talk to each other in German where we can to each other as its a skill we don’t want to lose (note – our German is still a bit basic) so I got me a book to help me along for 99p and I’m quite pleased I understand more of it than I thought I would. Good days.

Thursday 10th January


It was my lovely friend Lee’s birthday! I can’t believe my school friends and close friends are now getting into their 20s. We are getting old! This was taken going for a drink with our friends Zeeshan and Emily.

Friday 11th January


Me and one of my bestest friends Emily went to see Les Misérables and we really enjoyed it! Forgot to take a photo of my actual cinema ticket though!!

Saturday 12th January


I admit I have cheated here. This is a photograph of me in Santa Fe de Los Boliches, Southern Spain. Saturday 12th January was Mr Emmy’s dad’s birthday, which we went to Manchester to watch a play for at the Royal Exchange Theatre. We also eat at Las Iguanas (a Latin restaurant – link no.1) and talked about our upcoming holiday to the same area of Spain in Easter (link no.2).

Sunday 13th January


Worked on my course. Boring really.

Monday 14th January


Another day, didn’t do much. It rained a lot and it was freezing cold. I went to the gym and worked out so hard I nearly threw up with is a new one for me. I also organised my make up bag. Voilá. Yes, I realise pretty much all my make up is from The Body Shop, MUA or No.7. And what 😉