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So in Preston it is snowing. About a month late… And while I’ve been wrapped in my coat and scarf and had my gloves on, I’ve been listening to Kevin Lyttle and various other soca/calypso artists, and I feel, well, rather summery. She says in her thick cardigan.
In all honesty, when I studied music and we got onto world music, calypso and Caribbean variations always were my favourites. It’s music you just can’t sit still to, and even in my exams when they played the sample pieces for us to write the score to or tell them the metronome marking to, I was continually tapping my feet concentrating.
It’s such a dance vibe! I’m sure you’ve all heard The Banana Boat Song (Day-o), there are so many variations and so many carnival type albums and compilations around to make you feel slightly sunnier in this awful weather.

I would leave you with cheesy calypso classic ‘Turn Me On’ by Kevin Lyttle, however I can’t find a version on YouTube that isn’t actually a cover.