So lately has been a big learning curve for me, learning about myself, my family and importantly asking myself – who am I?
I know this is a challenging age old question, but have you ever just stopped and really truly thought about who you are?
Okay so first I came up with these…
I’m Emma. I like coffee, two sugars, milk. I always keep my room tidy because I can’t stand it messy. I am plus size, and I am comfortable about this. I am sensitive and I am a dreamer. I have grown up in a very close knitted family, I don’t mind hugging people and I frequently tend to like being around those who I love. I like sleeping, usually I’m an extrovert.
It hasn’t been an easy time and I am still finding a lot difficult, but I have always been a writer and I feel it is a kind of therapy, like music or cooking.
So I challenge you readers, in whatever state or frame of mind, take two minutes and ask yourself who you are? Are you Alice the accountant or Bill the banker? Or is Alice brave and is Bill artistic?
Who knows? Only you.