Something I read: I have been loving reading the book that the filmmakers of ‘Lawless’ based their blockbuster on. Based on a true story of bootleggers in the 1920/1930’s in the American prohibition era, it’s a factual account written by the descendant of the character.


Something I watched: I have had the movie ‘Despicable Me’ practically on repeat. I know it’s a children’s film but I can’t stop watching it. Amazing.


Something I wore: My lovely (and cheap) hair doughnut from Primark for £1. It makes a bun so easy to do AND they are inexpensive.


Something I listened to: I am loving Two Door Cinema Club’s album ‘Tourist History’. This is ‘What You Know’ from that album.

What You Know – YouTube Link

Something I can’t live without: I can obviously live without it but I am adoring my foundation brush from The Body Shop. It is quite a pricey brush so it is an investment for your make up bag but well worth it!