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Okay, so tonight (Monday) is normally pub night for me and a group of men (and a few ladies) associated with the local church. The ‘tradition’ has gone back a few years and there are some ‘regulars’ and those who go (like me) from time to time to catch up with people and see a friendly face and have a beer. Oh and talk about current issues. Or, if like tonight, compare two year old children’s techniques on picking bogies and where to put them and singing madonna and being possibly filmed on the company car’s video log. Fantastic.

Mine is a Guinness – normally. Or a southern comfort and lemonade. Yum.
From the jist of my blogs I can see how one may be getting a reputation that of an alcoholic nature. There was no such luck tonight as I decided to ‘drive’ off my empty calories in my glass of Guinness coke.
The other thing I particularly like about an English or indeed that of my experience of Irish pubs, especially those that aren’t chain pubs, such as Marston’s or the like, is a sense of a cosy home away from home. Or in the summer in the beer garden, a garden away from home. You take up a comfy seat, maybe by the fire or maybe by a window or a Christmas tree or maybe you just are simply held up by the bar, and you have your drink, you are not out of place if you drink alone, in a group, or you read a book. If any of my foreign readers have never been to an English pub, it is like an extended living space with intoxicating beverages (or soft if you choose) – a warm fire in the cold, benches outside in the heat.
Another thing I like – which is heavily accented on in British soaps – is the sense of having a ‘local’. Again, for my foreign readers, when someone says in the UK “I’m off to my local”, it doesn’t mean to the park or your home, it means the pub generally closest to your house or area, or sometimes the one you frequent most often. In this case, my ‘local’ is a large, modern pub with traditional twists.
I know that media plays on an ‘alcohol’ culture in the UK, and the Tories (yay) are planning on a ‘minimum alcohol price’ – but really, I do believe this will punish social and recreational drinking, in already tough and tight times. Those who abuse alcohol need help, not being made to pay more for something they want to have one way or another.
Anyway, if I carry on about that this really will turn into a rant.
Happy Monday everyone! It’s almost over 😉