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Sub Focus – Tidal Wave (YouTube)

This is my song of my month! I know I’m going to listen to it so much that I hate it but its constantly on repeat at the moment.

What have I been up to in a week? Well, aside from working, I went to Manchester Christmas Markets (so worth a visit), finished my Christmas shopping (!!) and for the most of my holiday so far, been in bed with stomach flu. Yay.

Today is Tuesday and the first day I feel remotely human, so I’m paracetamol-ing it up and heading to Nando’s to meet my best friend and then later tonight meeting up with Lee 🙂

Tomorrow I have to take my brother to a college open night which frightens me somewhat that he’s old enough to be doing that now.

Thursday night is Academy cheap drinks night – woohoo – I love Academy, and a cheap drink 😉

Friday, probably recovering.

Hopefully I’ll be able to blog between my social happenings 🙂


My lovely Nando’s eating chum Emily and I 🙂 x