To all my blog readers, especially the growing numbers from beyond the UK – hello! – thanks for sticking by despite my absence.
The last few weeks have been so busy it’s untrue and despite my efforts to try and keep up I’ve miserably failed :-(.
So, over the last few weeks my life has consisted of a cycle of working, sleeping, eating and sinking the occasional Jameson or Guinness when I get a chance in going to the pub. Three times in four days, I might be getting a reputation here…
Ah well, so, since the fireworks, what have we had, mostly working and making sure the hamsters are still alive, seeing friends, having Indian takeouts, going to a remembrance service, going to the gym and more work. Fun.
I’m actually writing this while trying to get ready to see a friend and failing to multitask so on the premise I’m already late, I bid you goodnight and thank you for still reading my sparse posts!!


My lovely friend Sam and I from our school days who I am meeting tonight! 🙂