So, I apologise for the lack in postings, I’ve been back to work (boo) so it has been a case of tea, cuddle Mr Emmy, sleep.
I also discovered I have views from as far as Russia and the Czech Republic. Hello there!
The weekend was a very busy one, as it is time for the British tradition of Guy Fawkes night (or Bonfire night, depending on your persuasion) today, on Saturday, myself, Mr Emmy and another couple who we are close friends with visited the Trafford Centre (fantastic place) and came home to a mini fireworks party. Sunday was a chill out day, roast dinner and a quick trip to Tesco followed by Homeland (oh yes) and my weekly fill of Damien Lewis (enough said).
Tonight, being actually bonfire night, myself, Mr Emmy and the ninja turtles Lee and Zee (see what I did there?) headed on down to Preston Grasshoppers rugby ground for a display. Very nice. A bit chilly for my liking but it hasn’t really got above 3 degrees Celsius for the whole day.
What a wonderful night! Looking forward to my lie in 😉