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Okay so for those of you who have read yesterday’s posts, and I was kind of stunned to see that I had views as far away as the US (!!) I just wanted to say thank you! I’m really genuinely grateful!

Okay, so Mr Emmy has left his Macbook at home today so I have swiped it to have a play on it. He gave me strict instructions on this, “Do not eat over my laptop, do not use it if the battery is dying, don’t get any designs on it…” etc. If I’m being totally honest the trackpad really annoys me so I haven’t been using it too much. I did however opt to use it to watch a film, I was originally thinking an easy going film, for example About A Boy, Lemony Snicket’s, Despicable Me (how words DO NOT describe how I love that film) or some other romcom or chick flick. 

However, of all the DVD’s under my TV in the bedroom, Mississippi Burning took my fancy. For many people who have watched this film about segregation (based on a true story) set in Jessup County, you’ll think, what?! put it down and pick up something mushy that involves Anne Hathaway, that’s way too heavy going! Of course, I cannot watch a film and not write about it.

So basically, two FBI agents are sent to Jessup County in 1964 during major segregation, to find three civil rights workers who have disappeared. Amidst corrupt sheriffs and deputy officers, the agents befriend the deputy’s wife to seek the answers they are looking for. I won’t write any spoilers because it’s an amazing film and I seriously encourage you to watch it, but I must say it is upsetting in parts and there is an awful lot of violence and naughty swear words (maybe thats why it’s rated 18!) but it really does take you into the world of people in the 60’s in the deep south.

Anyway, I will leave you with that.


P.S, Whilst I’ve been ill I have created a pintrest page, and really, I can’t get the hang. Any advice?