So, over the last few days (well, nearly a week) I’ve been battling with tonsillitis and feeling crap, but for nearly three years I’ve been struggling on with IBS. Symptoms include (but aren’t limited to) bad abdominal pain and bowel habits changing frequently. I’m sure if you wanted to know more there are plenty of google sites dedicated if you were to search.
Anyway, recently I’ve found out I’m lactose intolerant and – hey! symptoms are much better than I can ever remember. However, down to tiredness and pure stupidity I have consumed cheese today (I didn’t read packaging on things in the freezer) and it feels like I am having the worst contractions to have a dairy baby.
In fact, there are so many things with lactose in them! Tablets, breads (yes, I know) and even some mayonnaises (traditionally made with eggs and vinegar). It’s really hard to buy things or eat things that are friendly to my tummy and the worst part is, having too much soya doesn’t make my tummy happy either. I find when my IBS is particularly bad, peppermint tea helps, as does drinking plenty of water to replace any lost fluids and dried toast if I’m hungry.
IBS is a bit of an unspoken illness and it affects quite a lot of people, for some it is quite manageable with the aid of a few medicines or avoiding certain foods, where as others can have quite unpredictable and painful episodes.
I appreciate that this isn’t a very ladylike post and nor may it be completely pleasant to read, but in reality it affects quite a lot of people, and studies show that when you are more stressed it affects you more.

Note: If you are worried that you may suffer from IBS, I greatly encourage you to see your GP or health practitioner to discuss your symptoms. Only they can properly diagnose and help you in your treatment.