Hello all,

Given that I am not exactly new to this but have never really found the proper inspiration to get writing, I realised whilst watching Marley and Me, I actually have a lot to say in my head all the time and I probably could do with somewhere to write it all down.

Given I haven’t got much time as I have an appointment, (recovering from tonsillitis and exacerbated asthma) I thought I’d give you a bit of insight on myself.

Things Emmy likes; (in no particular order)
– Instagram (sorry photo snobs, I just really like it)
-Chai tea
-Starbucks peppermint syrup
-Soy lattes
-Harry Potter films
-Damien Lewis (just, nom)
-Bradley James (see above)
-Classical piano music
-My old beaten piano
-My family (We have Catholic parents – its massive)
-South Park
-My future husband
-Gingerbread men
-My beautiful friends
Things Emmy dislikes;
-Heavy metal (its not music, it’s noise)
-Cleaning out the hamsters
-Getting up early
-Being cold
-Being too hot
-Rain (when you’re outside)
-Putting said IKEA furniture together (that’s Mr Emmy’s job 😉 )
-Icy roads
-Shoes with holes in

To name but a few 😉

Anyway, the appointment calls, so I shall be back soon.