Okay, so I know this is my third post in one day and it has nothing to do with being cooped up inside and ill….

I thought I would write a little about my family, I mentioned them a little earlier in a post about things I love and dislike… Basically I come from a large family that has seen a lot of change, I am lucky enough to have four grandparents, two parents, a brother, too many aunts and uncles to count and even more cousins. Catholicism has played its due part in this grand making of things and for most of my family we have grown up with masses, holy communions, christenings and weddings that all took part in a Catholic set up. I will talk more about those in another post.

So, lets begin with those closest to home, my parents. I was born when my parents were relatively young (compared to modern statistics for the ages of parents) and when I was three and a half my brother was born. I have a pretty good relationship with my parents and I think we have a good mutual respect for one another. Myself and my brother have a pretty average relationship with each other, we fight and we get on, we laugh and we argue. He is my brother, and although he annoys me and makes me cross, I do love him.

My grandparents are fantastic. I love both sets greatly and they will do anything for myself or my cousins and they are just simply great.

I have been reading Mario Puzo’s The Godfather lately, and the whole family respect and set up reminds me greatly of our family (minus the murders and organised crime). The thing, and the most beautiful thing about having a large family is that you call anyone, your great aunt you’ve never met and they know all about you, your grandma, your cat… You can call favors with anyone because (especially being Irish Catholics) there’s a pretty high statistic you’re related to them, and everything is cool.

The other thing is that you find you have tons of family you aren’t actually related to but actually that doesn’t seem to matter because before you’ve even introduced yourself they have you in a hug vice and are asking you about your current boyfriend or uni course or the latest thing you’ve baked and then before you know it at Christmas they’re on the stool that is too tall for the table telling jokes that nobody gets. 

Actually, all in all, it’s pretty cool. I didn’t get to pick my family but I got landed with a pretty great bunch. We’ve seen change and death and heartbreak and we’ve seen joy and birth and reunions and we’ve stood tests and time and I think we’re pretty strong for it.