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Okay, so I’m watching Downton from last night on itv player…
So basically Matthew and Lord Grantham are up in arms about the house and what will happen… Bates has been let out of prison if only a little underhand. Lord G doesn’t want Branson around too much… Lady G disagrees… Sybil is dead, there’s a new baby girl, Mr Barrow is probably going to be demoted. Maggie Smith makes the show as usual.

I meant manage a local charity, or paint watercolours or something.

It’s not exactly great amazing drama but you do find yourself getting involved with them, I even got a bit teary a few weeks back when Sybil died.

At first I thought Lord Grantham was a soft and caring older father, but as the series have progressed I find him overbearing and judgmental.

Saying that, it’s a nice way to pass the time with your blanket and strepsils 😉

Anna and Bates’ story, I’m rather confused between whether I find it sympathetic in the way I want to empathise with Anna, or whether I find it suspicious in the sense that I don’t really trust Bates. However it does seem her patience has paid off in that now she has him back and they will get their little cottage and be a married couple as they originally intended.

Thomas the valet also kissed servant James, although I found this scene quite funny because there has never been such a lack of enthuse from
a man who fancies someone else. That probably made the episode for me.

Matthew has his designs on Downton although Mary and Lord G have other ideas, and I can’t help but wonder if all 1920’s upper class families wanted nothing of their lifestyles to change at all.

I keep feeling a little sorry for all the barbed comments aimed at Branson now Sybil isn’t there from Lord G.

Although it is an hour of rich posh men making pleasantry comments and everyone is an

old chap

or a

dear man

, I do rather enjoy it. And if there will be any more of Ciaran’s Irish accent in the upcoming future I’m staying glued!